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September 2010 Co-08 Graduation PPT  
Spring 2010 2010 Internship Summaries
January 2010 August et al. 2010. The T Assessment Tool: A Simple Metric for Assessing Multidisciplinary Graduate Education. Journal of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Education 39:15-21.  
December 15, 2009

C5 Workshop - Coastal Conservation in the
Context of Climate Change

A collaboration with
RI Chapter of The Nature Conservancy and
RI Coastal Resources Management Council

The event was also the result of work
accomplished during EVS 610 of Fall 2009

Fall 2009 EVS 610
Multi-disciplinary Problem Solving
September 2009 Co-07 Graduation PPT  
Summer 2009 Summer Practicum
Spring 2009 Carrie Internship

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2009 Internship Summaries

Winter 2009 Leadership Week 2009
Fall 2008 EVS 610
Multi-disciplinary Problem Solving
September 08 Co-06 Graduation PPT  
June 17, 2008

RI CRMC Conference
Climate Change and
Rhode Island's Coast:
Where Will Tomorrow's Shoreline Be?

Download Conference Presentations Here

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Spring 2008

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Fall 2007

EVS 610
Multidisciplinary Problem Solving

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