Coastal Institute IGERT Project (CIIP)

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions


What does CIIP stand for?

So what is the CIIP thing all about?

How can I apply?  

How competitive is the CIIP?

What are the terms of a CIIP Traineeship? 

Does the CIIP pay fees, parking, and student health insurance costs too? 

Is the stipend paid evenly over the year? 

How much time does being a CIIP Trainee take?  

Can I take non-CIIP classes while supported by the project?

So who is my “boss,” CIIP or my major professor?

How much of what I learn will be theory and how much application? Will I get to apply what I  learn?

Will I have an opportunity to get frequent feedback on my work?

Once my 2-year CIIP funding is over, am I out of the program?  
How much is my tuition when I am a CIIP alum?

What reporting do I have to do? 

If I have a question about the CIIP, whom do I contact?

Can CIIP Trainees apply for grants to bring in additional speakers and other things to enhance the CIIP curriculum?

What are the communication technologies and venues used by the CIIP?  
What if I have to travel for IGERT Project business


 Revised 29 Septemeber 2008