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  The Partnership for Narragansett Bay
   Creating an Ecologically and Economically Viable Future for
Narragansett Bay & Coastal Rhode Island.


  • Promote communication and integration among planning efforts for Narragansett Bay and coastal Rhode Island;
  • Protect, restore, and improve Narragansett Bay and coastal Rhode Island ecosystems;
  • Foster informed, science-based decision-making; and
  • Pursue sustainable economic development of Narragansett Bay and coastal Rhode Island.

* Taken from the final recommendations of the Narragansett Bay Summit, April, 2000


To serve as a continuing forum to build consensus regarding the future of Narragansett Bay, grounded in good science, and shaped by the widest possible public input.


  • Engage the public in articulating a vision for the future of Narragansett Bay;
  • Engage diverse constituencies in a neutral forum to facilitate coordination, communication and planning for Narragansett Bay;
  • Provide in-depth, objective data, that is accessible to all;
  • Foster the development and use of scientifically-sound information to support decision-making for the long-term management of Narragansett Bay, coastal Rhode Island, and their watersheds;
  • Use collaboration and partnerships to address common goals; and
  • Promote a holistic perspective of Narragansett Bay and its watershed that includes social, economic and environmental aspects.

PNB Membership

Membership is open to agencies, organizations, and individuals committed to advancing the mission and principles of the PNB.

PNB Administrative Committee

Membership is open to individuals able and willing to contribute in a substantial way to the work of the Coordinating Team*. The current duties of the team include:

  • Organize PNB meetings;
  • Assemble agenda items for PNB meetings;
  • Organize PNB issue forums;
  • Facilitate communication among PNB members; and
  • Serve as a point of contact for the PNB.

* The coordinating team presently consists of Peter August, Richard Ribb, Andrea Langhauser, Margherita Pryor, Megan Higgins, Nancy Hess, and Jim Riordan. Richard Ribb is the spokesperson.


  • The activities of the PNB will be coordinated through the Coastal Institute;
  • Meetings will be held approximately every other month at 1:00 pm at the University of Rhode Island Feinstein College of Continuing Education in Providence;
  • A meeting agenda will be electronically circulated by the Administrative Team prior to all meeting;
  • Decisions will be made by consensus;
  • Communication will be done electronically using email and the PNB LISTSERV (NBAY-L@PETE.URI.EDU); and
  • Documents and news will be posted to a PNB web page through the Coastal Institute.